Over the past two years, my wife and I have engaged Bellevue Construction to act as general contractors in several home renovation projects. I am beyond pleased with their outstanding work. My point of contact was Bellevue’s President, Allan Wiltzer, who was a complete professional in all aspects.

  • Project 1 was a major renovation and extension to our kitchen, and renovations to our main floor, powder room and vestibule. We could not be happier and our designer proudly features our kitchen on her website.
  • Project 2 was the construction of a large multi-level deck in the back of our house. The end result so exceeded our expectations
  • Project 3 is in progress now and it is a complete redo of our in-home gym.

More specifically:

  1. Quality, creativity and attention to detail: Allan, his team and his sub-trade simply did perfect work. When the jobs were completed there were absolutely no regrets for any decisions and each and every deficiency was spotted and corrected before we ever had to even make a request for remediation. On Project 2, the changes that they had to make were just brilliantly done.
  2. Budgeting process: Detailed project budgets were given to us from the outset and they clearly delineated what would or would not be out of scope. Any change orders were explained to us in advance and Allan and his team always gave us options along with costs laid out. There were quite simply no surprises as the jobs proceeded. Project 1 was approx. $11,000 UNDER budget and Project 2 was $400 over budget (given the issues, I would have thought it would have been quite a bit higher).
  3. Timeliness: Renovations are always disruptive but the manner with which Bellevue planned the work minimized both the hassles for us and the time spent from the commencement to the conclusion. For Project 1, there was never a stop in the work, other than for weekends, from the day the project started until it ended. We were thrilled.
  4. Responsiveness: Whenever we had any questions about any aspect of the work, we received responses from Allan and his team usually within minutes and always within 24 hours.

In conclusion, if you want to hire a GC that will make your renovation project hassle and surprise free, I can think of no better group that Bellevue. A 5-star rating across the board!

Marc Elman, FCPA, FCA, CBV
Managing Partner

Thank you! Thank you!

To you, and your team, our sincerest appreciation for an extraordinarily well-done job.

You are true professionals, and made a refurbishing project, which is fraught with frustrations, virtually trouble free.

You renovated our 2400 sq. ft. condo, at Westmount Square, almost from top to bottom, adding two offices, a bedroom with ensuite, including upgrading all other areas (including kitchen & bathrooms), and lighting, HVAC, flooring, sound systems, appliances, etc. And even coordinated removing everything from the condo, and supervising it all being replaced, including many new items from different vendors.

But most miraculously, you did it all, without our visiting the project a single time, over the 5+ month project, and faced with a Covid shutdown. And our only communication was via phone and an occasional FaceTime.

And the project turned out to be even better than expected, in terms of overall look/functionality, and the quality of workmanship. And you were both observant and flexible…..when you saw something that you thought could be done better than planned you brought it to our attention, and we decided. If anything went wrong, you simply made it right.

Your team, and your choice of vendors, is excellent, with special kudos to our Project Manager, Emil Marchel. There was no such thing as “can’t be done”, or “it’s not my fault” but always “don’t worry” and you made everything perfect.

I knew from the exceptional work you did on the lobbies and corridors of WSQ that you were an extremely capable team….having worked on this multi-million dollar project, on time, on budget, and producing a top quality reno. And that established for me you, and your team’s, capability to handle a complex commercial project.

But your personal concern, supervision, availability, and perfection were reflected again in my personal project and with the same results. Excellent.

So, once again, thanks. Personally, for both my condo and the project for Westmount Square, and as President of the Board of WSQ for jobs exceptionally well done.

Please feel free to have any potential clients contact me whether for their business or their home. I will reassure them that they will never be disappointed

Stanley Plotnick
(on behalf of Barbi & Stan, and the Board of Westmount Square)