Our approach

Bellevue’s focus is on innovation, design, quality and service. Our emphasis is on respecting our customer’s visions, satisfying their needs and exceeding their expectations. Whether you are in the market for a new construction, a themed retail establishment, a boutique or to renovate the home of your dreams, you can count on Bellevue’s reputation for excellence in quality construction and customer service.

Our commitment

From conception to completion Bellevue has top quality professionals committed to providing outstanding service including:

  • Licensed General Contractor services (new construction & renovation)
  • Site Selection
  • Planning and budgeting
  • Architectural design
  • Bid to specifications
  • Construction and project management


Experience has taught us that outstanding customer service and the best quality craftsmanship are essential to building homes that people truly love to live in. Our clients have come to count on the impeccable standards, custom designed millwork, contemporary detailing and commitment to superior quality, all integrated into the BELLEVUE philosophy.


Experience has taught us that outstanding customer service and quality craftsmanship are essential to creating spaces that people truly love to live in. This attention to detail, quality and service has earned us our ranking amongst the leading general contractors with many of Montreal’s elite condo developments. Working closely with the condo’s management team to properly protect common areas and ensuring the integrity of the condo’s construction standards is a top priority for our team at BELLEVUE.


Bellevue is committed to deliver the highest quality of commercial construction one project at a time. Businesses today demand the best value in their engineered designs – provided on time and on budget – which remains our top priority. Our single-source building solutions are designed and built specifically to meet the needs of every client in every industry.